What is Beauty on TApp?

Beauty on TApp is a mobile phone app that seeks to change the beauty industry in South Africa. The application was launched in September 2015, after co-founders Mathebe Molise and Sihle Mchunu saw a gap in the beauty industry. Small beauty service providers and independent product manufacturers did not have a tool that could help them connect with customers, and customers did not have a tool they could use to find specific and reliable beauty services in a quick and easy way. Add to that the lack of trust factor that many individuals have when it comes to their hair, skin and nails! This is where Beauty on TApp comes to the rescue.


The Beauty on TApp team’s objective is to give South African beauty businesses visibility to global Beauty on TApp users. Whether you find your next hair stylist next door or visit an unfamiliar city, your beauty needs will be one TApp away. Beauty on TApp seeks to give users a database of reliable beauticians and beauty products wherever they are. The feedback and rating system will ensure that top suppliers continue offering the best services and products while those who have to improve their businesses have the right information to do so. The team will continuously work with suppliers to improve their businesses as we only want to be associated with the best services and products the country has to offer.  This platform will make the South African beauty service industry a top rated industry.

Furthermore, the app will make sure proudly South African products are marketed to global Beauty on TApp users. The application will soon allow registrations from beauty service providers from other countries, as we would love to give our users access to top beauty service and product suppliers wherever they are.



Whether you’re a bride that’s been stood up by her hairstylist, a dad struggling with his daughters hair or a busy woman who needs a mobile nail technician, Beauty on TApp can be your go to beauty consultant.


TApp in and Find Your Beauty.


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So what can Beauty on TApp do for you?




  • Gives you access to a wider market including tourists who may require once off beauty services or products. The application will also give once off customers access to certain services when needed e.g weddings or matric dance;
  • Beauty on TApp will continuously market the mobile application, which translates into your business being marketed, giving you access to more clients;
  • Continuous customer feedback will help beauty service and product suppliers better their business as they will be able to pinpoint problem areas;
  • The easy to use profiles give you the opportunity to showcase your work to potential customers via a comprehensive details page, social media links page as well as a portfolio page.



  • Gives you access to a database of beauticians and beauty products that have been screened by the Beauty on TApp team;
  • Allows you to find the best beauty service or products in your area or an area of your choice;
  • Allows you to choose a beauty service or product based on price brackets;
  • Let’s you view suppliers’ ratings ensuring you get the best service possible.


So what’s the next step?


To register to be on the mobile application, you need to complete the registration form here ( Registration ). After registering, the Beauty on TApp team will review your application and may request further documentation in order to approve your application. The team will then upload your profile onto the application. The subscription fee to be on the application will then be communicated to you and a range of payment options will be presented to you. Should you wish to have this information before registering, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@beautyontapp.co.za


After registering, you will have access to your profile, where you can manage all information pertaining to your profile at any time. It’s as easy as that!